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November 12, 2022

WordHero is one of the emerging AI Content Writing Tools. But does WordHero have enough in it to put up a fight against established AI content writers like Jasper AI?

We will find out the same in this detailed WordHero Review.

Please note this WordHero Review is not written based on a single-day use. I've been using WordHero AI Writer for a long time and so know it in and out. So let us get straight to the WordHero Review For 2023.

WordHero Review Summary

WordHero Ratings

Output Quality

The output quality of WordHero is quite good for most content templates. However, it does struggle a bit with long-form content

Content Templates

WordHero Provides over 60 content templates. So talk about any type of content template and you are likely to find it on WordHero


WordHero as such is quite affordably priced. However, the Lifetime Deal of WordHero for $89 makes it an unmissable offer.

Overall Rating

Review Summary

WordHero is a decent AI content writer. You can use it to create unlimited content

Most of it's content templates work great. It does struggle with a few content templates, but I do expect it to do better in the future as the tool gets mature.

As for long-form content, I'd go ahead and say it's quite far from being usable. In fact, for long-form content, I haven't come across a single AI writer apart from Jasper AI that does even a decent job.

But, as I said the tool is improving. And with the WordHero lifetime deal still available, you must invest in this tool keeping future prospects in mind.

However, if you are looking to buy a tool for your current use, you should not look beyond Jasper AI. Jasper AI is currently offering a 5-day, 10,000 words trial for free. Also, make sure to check out my Jasper Review

 Pros Of WordHero

  • Quality Of Output: With most content templates you get good quality output
  • Content Templates: WordHero offers more than 60 content templates so you are more likely to find one for your use case.
  • Supported Languages: Wordhero supports more than 100 language. So you can easily create content in your local language.
  • Roadmap: Wordhero's Roadmap looks quite promising
  • Lifetime Deal: Wordhero is currently offering a Lifetime Deal for short-form content templates at just $89. After buying the WordHero Lifetime Deal, you can pay additional $59 for lifetime deal on long-form editor

Cons Of WordHero

  • Quality: The quality of long-form editor is pathetic. Some short-form content templates too create low-quality content.
  • Factually Incorrect Content:  WordHero can sometimes create factually incorrect content. So you have to authenticate the content written by WordHero.

WordHero Review 2023

Before we move ahead to check the important aspects of this Review of WordHero, let us first understand what WordHero is and how it works.

What Is WordHero?

In simple terms, WordHero is an AI content writing tool powered by GPT-3 that can help you write better and faster.

The main aim of WordHero is to make the task of content writing easier for you so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

It does this by using the power of artificial intelligence to understand the context of your content and then suggest better ways to write it.

Features Of WordHero

Below are some of the important features of WordHero

1. 60+ Content Templates

With WordHero you get access to 60+ content templates that you can use to generate almost any type of content.

And the best part is that WordHero keeps on adding more templates to the list on a regular basis.

2. Supports 100+ Languages

At the time of writing this article, WordHero supports 108 languages. So, you are more likely to be able to generate content in your local language

3. Long-Form Content Editor

WordHero offers a full-fledged long-form editor. Though the quality of the editor is not great, it might improve over time.

4. Track Your History

You can keep a track of the content that you generated in the past in the History Tab. Of course, you can also delete any of the content generated.

How To Use WordHero?

To use WordHero you first need to buy its subscription.

You can either buy its regular plans from the WordHero website or you can grab the Appsumo Lifetime Deal of WordHero.

Both the plans come with unlimited content.

Mind you, the Lifetime Deal will be live only for a short period of time. So make sure to grab it before it's gone.

Also, the lifetime deal does not come with a long-form content editor. However, you can buy it for an additional one-time fee of $59

Using WordHero Content Templates

Once you buy WordHero's plan and login into its Dashboard, you will straight away see a list of WordHero Content templates as shown in the image below.

Wordhero Dashboard

At the time of writing this article, WordHero is providing more than 60 readymade content templates.

The content templates could be used for creating almost any form of content from generating product descriptions or even SEO descriptions.

You can either search through these templates using the search box or filter the templates based on their categories.

Once you click on the WordHero content template you want to use, it will open a pop-up asking for your inputs so that the AI can generate the output accordingly.

For our example, I am using the AIDA Copywriting Formula content template.

For this template, WordHero is asking me to enter the Product Name as well as a brief description of the product.

As shown in the image below, I've provided input to the tool asking Wordhero to sell itself.

Wordhero Content Template Input

Clicking on the Write For Me button will generate the AIDA output as shown in the image below.

Wordhero Content Template Output

For other content templates, WordHero may ask you to enter different types of Input.

But overall, as you see, it's very easy to use the WordHero Content Templates.

Using WordHero Long-Form Editor

To use the WordHero Long-Form content editor, you can choose the Editor tab located at the middle-top of the WordHero Dashboard as shown in the image below.

Wordhero Long Form Editor Choose

The WordHero Editor Looks like the one in the image below

Wordhero Long Form Editor

On the right-hand side is the content writing tool while on the left-hand side you can see the various WordHero templates.

On the top, you will find several options. Let us briefly go through each one of them.

  • Create New Document: As the name suggests this option will create a new document for the WordHero long-form editor.
  • Open A Document: This option allows you to open an existing document for editing.
  • Save Current Document: While WordHero automatically saves the documents, you can still use this option to save the current document.
  • Advanced Options: The Advanced Options feature allows you to change the language of writing.
  • Help: This opens up a help section of WordHero.
  • Blog Outline: You can use this option to create the outline of the blog
  • Blog Paragraphs: You can use this option to generate paragraphs for a particular heading.
  • Write More: The Write More feature allows you to add more content to the existing paragraph.

You can either start by entering your own title or use the WordHero Blog Headlines content template on the left-hand side to generate the Title for your blog.

The Blog Headlines generator just asks you to enter the topic you want to write about and the AI will generate catchy titles for your Blog Post.

Once, you have your title, you can use the Blog Outline option to generate an outline for the blog post.

Next, you can use the Blog Paragraphs option to write about each of the headings generated by the Blog Outline tool.

If need be, you can use the Write More option to add more content to the paragraph.

While using the long-form editor does sound a bit confusing, it won't take more than 10 minutes for you to get hold of things.

Quality Of Wordhero

We will go through the quality of content templates and long-form editor separately. First, let us check the quality of some of the short-form content templates.

WordHero Content Templates Quality

Let us check the quality of some of the content templates that WordHero offers.

1. AIDA Copywriting Formula

I have already used this template while demonstrating how to use WordHero content templates. However, at that time I did not focus on the quality of the output. So, let us check the output quality of the AIDA content template.

You can see the input and output in the below image.

Wordhero AIDA Copyrighting Formula

As you can see, the outputs weren't bad but nothing extraordinary. Some of the sentences were repeated. There was a spelling mistake too where Knives was spelled as Knifes in the action part of the first output.

But the output is a good starting point to generate an AIDA copy for yourself. However, you cannot use it as it is and some modifications are necessary.

2. Amazon Product Description

Next, I decided to check the output for Amazon Product Descriptions. The input and output can be seen in the image below

Wordhero Amazon Product Descriptions

As you can see, the output looks like multiple one-line outputs. However, you can use them as bullet points with each line representing one point.

As for the quality of output, I must say the output was surprisingly good. The AI went ahead highlighting points which wasn't a part of my input.

Of course, if this product description is generated by an actual user, not all points will be true. But still, this is a great starting point for a copywriter.

Overall, I'd say the output was brilliant.

3. Analogy Provider

WordHero's Analogy provider is one of my personal favorite tools. In the past, it has helped me create a great analogy for my LinkedIn post that went viral.

So, let us see how does it perform in our tests.

Wordhero Analogy Provider

As you can see, WordHero came up with great analogies.

I especially like the first one. Although for the smart work part he could have written something better, still it's very much usable as it is.

As for the second output, that was good too.

4. Bullet Point Expander

For Bullet Point Expander, I took a couple of bullet points from the output of the Amazon Product Description generator and put them into Bullet Point Expander template.

Below is the resulting output

Wordhero Bullet Expander

As you can see WordHero again did a splendid job crafting a paragraph from those two bullet points. You can use the output as it is on your product description page.

5. Content Rewriter V2

For Content Rewriter, I again took a shortcut. I took the output of Bullet Point Expander and put it as an input for the Content Rewriter template.

Wordhero Content Rewriter

As you can see above, each of these outputs was equally good as the original one. No complaints here too from WordHero.

6. Cover Letter

Next, I decided to test the Cover Letter content template as it will be extensively used by most professionals.

Wordhero Cover Letter

The output, as you can see above was excellent. WordHero again did a great job here.

7. Descriptive Expression

The WordHero descriptive expression can be a great asset for fictional writers. It helps you better describe the subject using attractive words.

Wordhero Descriptive Expression

As you can see above, Wordheri did a fairly good job describing the candidate. I won't call it exceptional. But it was pretty decent.

8. Example Provider

As the name suggests this template provides an example for your statement.

Wordhero Example Provider

As you can see above, WordHero wasn't up to the mark while generating the output for this post.

The first example was incomplete. As for the second example, it was okay, but nothing great.

9. Explain It Like A Professor

The Explain It Like A Professor helps to explain a complex term just like a professor would explain it. Let's see how WordHero performs with this content template.

WordHero Explain It Like A Professor

As you can see, WordHero did a great job explaining the meaning of Artificial Intelligence. You can use the same in your speech as well as the content.

10. Explain It To A Child

As against the Explain It Like A Professor template, Explain It To A Child template helps describe complex terms in the simple and beginner-friendly language.

WordHero Explain It To A Child

As you can see above, WordHero did a great job to explain a complex term like Artificial Intelligence in the simplest language possible.

However, my only concern was that both the outputs generated were exactly the same which does not make any sense.

11. Facebook Ads

Generating a perfect copy for your Facebook ads is critical. A dull Facebook Ads copy will blow away your entire budget with a low ROAS.

WordHero Facebook Ads

As you can see, WordHero created excellent copies for Facebook Ads.

However, things aren't as good as they sound as the Facebook Ads Description was much longer than its maximum 125 Character limit with the shortest of them going over 200 characters.

So, you will have to trim down the content before you can use it in your Facebook Ads.

12. Fictional Story Ideas

Fictional Story Ideas again target fictional writers. But is this content template good enough?

Below is the output from the tool

WordHero Fictional Story Ideas

As you can see the output isn't good at all. I'd go ahead and say that it's unusable. So WordHero fails here again.

13. Food Recipes

Food Recipe Content Template is another interesting template offered by WordHero. This template claims to create a recipe for the dish name you enter.

Let us check out how capable this template is.

WordHero Food Recipes

As you can see above, WordHero was able to create a great-looking recipe. However, the recipe is far from the traditional authentic recipes we prepare.

So, if you are planning to experiment with food, you can use this template.

However, if you are planning to use it to create authentic recipes, you'd be disappointed.

14. Google Ads

Creating a catchy Google Ads copy is very important to get you the business. Let's see how WordHero handles Google Ads.

WordHero Google Ads

The output from the WordHero Google Ads template was decently good. I wouldn't say it was anything spectacular. But, it was quite usable.

15. HSO Copywriting Formula

Next, I decided to check their HSO Copywriting Formula content template. This template is usually great for blogs or even social media posts.

Let's see how WordHero handles this

WordHero HSO Copywriting Fomula

I did not had very high expectations from this template given the average performance of the AIDA template. However, the output came out to be surprisingly good. And I must say WordHero did a great job here.

WordHero Long Form Writer Quality

From my prior experience, I can say that WordHero's long-form editor is not great. However, I will still try to write an article using WordHero long-form editor for this WordHero Review.

First I used Blog Headlines Template to create the Title for the blog post. The below image shows my input to the Blog Headlines content template.

WordHero Long Form Editor 1

And here was the output along with the headline that I chose.

WordHero Long Form Editor 2

Next, I used the Blog Outline feature within the editor to create the outline for the blog post as shown in the image below

WordHero Long Form Editor 3

The output looks great thus far. Next, I used the Blog Paragraph feature within the editor to expand two of the headlines in the outline and then add more content to it using the Write More feature.

Here's what I got as an output

WordHero Long Form Editor Final

As you can see the output was total garbage. Here are a few points that I noticed.

  • The introduction part never sounded like an introduction.
  • Content was repeated. So the AI wasn't looking back at what it already wrote
  • When I used the Write More option, the AI started writing a new heading within the same paragraph.

So, overall the long-form editor of WordHero is simply unusable.

WordHero Pricing

WordHero offers a single plan that comes with unlimited words for both short-form content templates as well the long-form editor.

The plan is priced at $49/month when you pay monthly and $29/month when you pay annually.

WordHero Lifetime Deal

WordHero is currently running a Lifetime Deal on AppSumo that can get you unlimited access to short-form content templates at just $79/month. The long-form editor is not included in the lifetime deal.

However, AppSumo users can get unlimited access to the long-form editor by paying $59 extra to WordHero.

Both the AppSumo Deal and WordHero deal are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Alternatives To WordHero

There are several alternatives to WordHero available in the Market. Let us compare WordHero's quality to a few of its popular alternatives.

For our example, I will be comparing the PAS template of WordHero to its alternatives as PAS is common in all the competitors

So let's check how does WordHero perform with its PAS template. But let me tell you PAS is not WordHero's strong point. So you can expect average results.

WordHero PAS

As you can see WordHero did a fairly decent job with its PAS template. But as expected there was nothing spectacular about it.

1. Jasper AI

Jasper is by far the best AI writer in the industry and hence the most sort-after competitor of WordHero.

It's great for short-form content creation using pre-designed content templates. But it is brilliant with the Boss Mode that helps you create great short-form as well as long-form content.

Let us check out how Jasper AI fares against WordHero for PAS templates. Since with Jasper you can create PAS output using the PAS content template as well as Boss Mode, we will create the output using both the modes.

PAS Template

Below are the input and output for the PAS template of Jasper AI

Jasper AI PAS

As you can see, both the outputs were spot on and quite detailed. Jasper went beyond the data we provided to create a masterpiece.

Of course, in the real case scenario, Jasper might add details that don't match your product. But it does give you an idea about how to craft a copy for your product.

Boss Mode

In the boss mode, you can give commands to the Jasper AI writer for writing a specific type of content.

In the below image, the (>) sign indicates a Jasper command. Above it is the input to the tool and below it is the output generated by the tool.

Jasper AI Boss Mode

Jasper was awesome with the PAS tool, but with Boss Mode, it is nearly perfect. You can check out how detailed the copy was. The copy is also written with chefs in mind as stated in the command.

That's the very reason, I always use Jasper's Boss Mode for any type of content creation and also recommend my readers to use the same.

Overall, Jasper is by far the best alternative to Wordhero. And when you take into account long-form content creation, the difference in quality between Jasper and its nearest competitor is even more.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper is among the costliest AI writers on the list. However, it's worth every single penny.

The Starter Plan of Jasper AI starts at just $29/month but it restricts the number of words to 20,000. You can, however, upgrade your word limit by paying more.

Also, the starter plan lacks Boss Mode, which is the real show-stealer and best part of Jasper.

The Boss Mode plan that allows you to access the Boss Mode of Jasper starts at $59/month and it comes with 50,000 free words. You can, however, increase the word count by paying extra.

For more information on Jasper, make sure to check out my Jasper Review 2023

2. Rytr

Rytr is an AI writer that gained popularity mainly because of its AppSumo deal and a free plan.

However, it does not mean Rytr is a bad AI writer. In fact, as per my previous tests, it's one of the best AI writers for short-form content.

Let us see how it fares against WordHero for PAS Template. Below is the input as well as output.

Rytr PAS

As you can see, the first output was a bit off the topic as it keeps talking about knife handling training. Also, the second sentence in the Solve section starts with "They" instead of "We"

The second output, however, was good and right there on the point.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr offers three different plans. Its free plan comes with 5000 characters per month and gives access to all the 30+ Ryter Use cases (Content Templates).

The Saver plan comes with 50,000 characters per month and is priced at just $9/month when paid monthly. Paying annually will get you 2 free months.

This plan also allows you to create custom Use Cases by feeding the AI with your own input and output

Finally, the unlimited plan, as the name suggests, offers unlimited content creation with a fair-usage policy. This plan offers you a dedicated account manager and priority email and chat support.

To know more about Rytr, check my Rytr Review

3. Peppertype AI

Peppertype AI is one of the most popular competitors of WordHero. It is used by some big clients like Adobe, Facebook, Amazon, Swiggy, and more.

It's owned by the same company that owns Pepper Content, a freelance marketplace for writers and graphic designers.

Let us see how Peppertype fares against WordHero. Below was the input to the Peppertype AI PAS template.

Peppertype AI PAS Input

Since Peppertype supported the target audience field, I used that too. And here is the output that I got from the tool.

Peppertype AI PAS

As you can see, like WordHero the output is okayish. Nothing spectacular in any of the outputs. So, it's no better than WordHero for the PAS template.

Peppertype Pricing

Peppertype offers three different plans starting at $25/month when paid annually and $35/month when paid monthly.

This plan comes with 50,000 words per user seat and one user seat is included for free.

The Growth Plan is priced at $165 and $199 per month when you pay annually and monthly respectively. This plan comes with 5 user seats included. It also offers collaboration and access control features and also the ability to download results.

The Enterprise plan is a custom-priced plan meant for large enterprises. It comes with unlimited content creation and advanced features like a custom-trained AI model, human quality check, and more


The last, but not the least, on the list is It is being used by some big brands like Microsoft, eBay, Ogilvy, and Nestle.

It's one of the few AI writers that comes with a free plan. So, let us see how puts up against WordHero.

Below is the input to the PAS tool PAS Input

And here is the output PAS Output

As you can see both the outputs from were spot on and focused on important details. The output was much better than WordHero. Pricing

Coming to the Pricing offers just two plans. The Free plan, as the name suggests, is free to use and does not even require you to share your credit card details.

The free plan of offers 10 free credits and access to all the 90+ copywriting templates. It however lacks priority support.

The Pro plan of is priced at $35/month when you pay annually and $49/month when paid monthly. It comes with unlimited credits and priority support. 

WordHero Review 2023: Final Verdict

WordHero is still not a mature tool. Most of it's short form content templates are great while a few are not so good.

However, when it comes to long-form content, WordHero really sucks. The output from the long-form content editor is so bad that I'd say it is unusable.

On the positive note, WordHero is growing and I do expect it to grow into a more mature and powerful tool in the future. And with the WordHero lifetime deal still up for grabs, you should definitely invest in WordHero.

However, if you are looking for a rock solid tool that excels in both short-form and long-form content, I highly recommend you check out the Boss Mode Plan of Jasper AI. Jasper AI is currently offering a 5-day, 10,000 words trial.

WordHero Review 2023 + WordHero Lifetime Deal For $89
WordHero Review

Check out this honest WordHero Review 2023 to know if it's the right tool for you. Also included WordHero Lifetime Deal for $89 only

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