BY Aquif Shaikh
October 15, 2022

Peppertype AI is one of the most popular AI Writing Tools. But popularity does not always mean good quality.

So, is Peppertype a reliable AI Writing Tool? Or is it just another overhyped too that does not create quality content?

We will find it out soon in this PepperType AI Review for 2022

Peppertype AI Review Summary

Peppertype AI Review Summary

Peppertype AI Ratings

Output Quality

The output quality of Peppertype AI is mixed bag. Some content templates generate good output while other generate unusable output

Content Templates

As of time of writing this article Peppertype AI is providing 40 content templates which is lower than most of its competitors


Give than Peppertype AI does not have a long-form editor, it's pricing turns out to be very much on the higher side and is definitely not value for money.

Overall Rating

Review Summary

Peppertype is a decent AI write with some of it's content templates generating great content. However, a few other failed to generate even average quality content.

Given that Peppertype AI does have a long-form editor, it's pricing too turns out to be too high. Overall, I don't think Peppertype is value for money. 

If you are looking for a solid AI Writer, I highly recommend going with Boss Mode Plan of Jasper AI. It's a bit on the expensive side, but it's also worth every cent spent. You can check my Jasper Review or just grab the Free Trial of Jasper AI for 5 days and 10,000 words.

 Pros Of Peppertype AI

  • Quality Of Output: Most content templates create a decent quality output
  • Original Content: Creates plagiarism-free, original content

Cons Of Peppertype AI

  • Quality Of Output: Some content templates create pathetic content
  • Languages Supported:  Supports very few languages
  • Long-Form Editor: Peppertype does not have a long-form editor
  • Pace Of Improvements: Not much progress in improving the product

Peppertype AI Review 2022

Let us start with first knowing what Peppertype is and how it creates content.

What Is Peppertype AI?

Peppertype AI is an AI-powered content writing tool built by the same team that owns the popular content marketplace Pepper Content.

Peppertype uses GPT-3 technology, which is the latest and most advanced AI technology for text generation. It is an end-to-end natural language processing (NLP) model that has been designed to generate human-like text.

Peppertype analyzes your input data and then writes original, plagiarism-free content in the tone that you have specified.

It also offers real-time collaboration features so that multiple users can work on a single document at the same time.

How To Use Peppertype AI?

Peppertype AI is quite easy to use. To use Peppertype you need to have an account with them.

The good thing is that Peppertype has a free trial that allows you to use 10,000 words for free without having to share your credit card details.

To get the free trial you can Visit the Peppertype AI website. As shown in the image below you will find the "Get Started For Free" option where you can enter your email and complete the signup.

Peppertype AI Free Trial

Once you complete the signup and login into your Dashboard, you will see a list of all Peppertype AI Content templates as shown in the image below.

Peppertype AI Content Templates

You can filter the templates based on their categories or search for a specific template using the search box.

To use the content templates you can click on the content template of your choice to open it.

For our example, I'll be using the Engaging Social Posts content template. As shown in the image below on opening it, Peppertype asks me to enter the Product Name and its description as well as a keyword that I want Peppertype to use.

How To Use Peppertype AI

The input options may differ for different templates.

Anyway, as shown in the image below I have entered all the details and will click the Create Content button to generate the output.

How To Use Peppertype AI 1

Below is the output from the tool. Not bad, you see.

How To Use Peppertype AI 2

Below each of the outputs, you can find the Copy to copy the output to your clipboard.

Although Peppertype AI saves all your activities under the Recent Activities tab, there's also a Save button under each output to save the copies you like under the Saved Copies tab

You can also mark each output with a thumbs up or thumbs down to help Peppertype understand which output you like and which you don't.

And if you are on the Growth plan like me, you can click the Download All button to download all the results or download just the saved results from the Saved Copies tab.

Peppertype AI also has a Notes feature in the bottom-right corner as shown in the image below.

How To Use Peppertype AI 3

On Expanding it, it looks like the one in the image below

How To Use Peppertype AI 4

This feature can be used to quickly copy the output of your content template into the Notes editor. You can either use it as a notepad or use it to create blog posts.

All the content that you copy to the notes box will be saved automatically and synced with all the devices within a workspace (Growth Plan).

Overall, it's very easy to use Peppertype AI. It won't take you more than 15 minutes to get hold of things.

Quality Of Peppertype AI

It's great if an AI Writing Tool is easy to use. However, for AI Writers, quality of output is the critical factor that can make or break the deal.

Since Peppertype AI uses GPT-3 which is trained with huge data amounting to 10% of the internet, your expectations are very high. But does Peppertype fulfills these expectations?

Well, I could sum it up in one line. But, it's better if I let you judge the quality yourself.

So, I'll be using a few content templates of Peppertype AI to generate the output and you be the judge if it's good or bad. Of course, I'll pass on my comments too.

1. AIDA Copywriting

We'll start with the AIDA content template to generate AIDA copies which is one of the most commonly used copywriting frameworks.

Below is the input to the tool.

Peppertype AIDA Copywriting Input

And here's the output

Peppertype AIDA Copywriting Output

I'd be honest here, the output was pathetic and made no sense at all. I am not sure how the Peppertype team has configured this template, but if it creates such an output, it's literally unusable.

Let's give it another chance and use a different input to see if it does anything better. Below is the detailed input to the tool.

Peppertype AIDA Copywriting Input 1

And here's the output that I got.

Peppertype AIDA Copywriting Output 1

As you can see, this time Peppertype did a much better job. Though, I wouldn't call it an excellent output, it's still usable with a few modifications.

2. Pain-Agitate-Solution Copywriting

For the PAS Template too, we'll use both the inputs that we used with the AIDA template.

Here's the first input

Peppertype PAS Copywriting Input 1

And here's the output

Peppertype PAS Copywriting Output 1

Surprisingly, Peppertype AI-generated much better PAS copies with this template with the same input.

As you can see, Peppertype picked up data from the web while creating the PAS copies. Not sure, why it didn't do the same with the AIDA template.

However, the agitate part seemed more like a solution. So, you might still have to make some modifications

Here's the second input

Peppertype PAS Copywriting Input 2

And here's the output.

Peppertype PAS Copywriting Output 2

The first output here was great including the agitate part. It had all elements of a good PAS copy.

However, the second output does not make any sense. I could not figure out what the AI was trying to convey.

3. Value Proposition

Let's see how Peppertype's Value Proposition tool performs in our tests. Below is the input.

Peppertype Value Proposition Input

And here's the output

Peppertype Value Proposition Output

Being an SEO expert myself, I wasn't really impressed with the output quality of Semrush. Not that the copy was bad, but I know other tools can do a better job.

4. Quora Answers

Writing Quora answers on a regular basis can be really tedious and time-consuming. So, I thought of testing the Quora Answers Generator of Peppertype to see if it can be of any help.

Below is the input that I gave

Peppertype Quora Answers Input

And here's the output

Peppertype Quora Answers Output

Again, Peppertype completely failed to create a good answer to the question. The first answer was okayish but incomplete. The second answer contained a URL.

I initially thought Peppertype was plagiarising the content. But that wasn't the case and the plagiarism checker returned 100% unique content.

Also, statements were repeated for no reason. Overall, Peppertype failed yet again.

5. Product Review Generator

The next tool that I'll be testing is the Product Review Generator. You can find the input below. Let's see if Peppertype can do anything good here.

Peppertype Product Review Generator Input

And below is the output.

Peppertype Product Review Generator Output

For a change, Peppertype came up with good quality content. The review generated could be used as it is. However, I would have loved a more detailed review

6. Customer Review Response

Another AI tool of Peppertype that I'll be testing is the Customer Review Response tool.

As we all know, responding to customer reviews is very important. But, it can be really difficult to come up with an appropriate response every time.

For this test, I decided to pick up a negative 2-star review of Peppertype from Trustpilot and feed it as the input to the tool. I used the formal and polite tone of voice as shown in the image below

Peppertype Customer Review Response Input

Below is the output

Peppertype Customer Review Response Output

Again, Peppertype did a great job here. While the first review was sort of standard replies from customer support teams, the second was much more detailed and looked good.

7. Paragraph Writer

Since Peppertype AI does not come with a long-form editor, the paragraph writer would be one of the most commonly used templates.

Let's see how it fares in our tests. You can find the input below

Peppertype Paragraph Writer Input

And here's the output.

Peppertype Paragraph Writer Output

Yet again Peppertype did a great job. The output was great and with a few tweaks, you can use it in your article.

8. Engaging Questions

Lastly, I decided to check the engaging questions template of Peppertype AI. Below is the input.

Peppertype Engaging Questions Input

And here's the output

Peppertype Engaging Questions Output

As you can see, Peppertype did a fairly good job creating engaging questions. Some of the questions were great and worth a discussion.

So overall, several templates of Peppertype work great while a few others fail to impress. It seems that Peppertype is not much focussed on improving its templates which do not provide good results.

Peppertype Pricing

Peppertype offers three different plans.

1. Starter Plan

The starter plan of Peppertype AI is priced at $25/month when you pay annually and $35/month when you pay monthly. It comes with 1 User seat with a restriction of 50,000 words per user seat.

With this plan, you get access to all the Peppertype content templates. You can also add team members, however, it simply doubles the plan value.

Considering the fact that Peppertype only offers short-form content templates, the pricing seems to be very much on the higher side as compared to it's competitors.

2. Growth Plan

The Growth plan is priced at $165/month when paid annually and $199/month when paid monthly. This plan comes with 5 user seats with a restriction of 50,000 words per user seat.

You can add more seats at $30 per seat per month with the annual plan and $40 per seat per month with the monthly plan.

This plan comes with some additional collaboration features and the ability to download results. I find both of them to be just marketing gimmicks.

3. Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan of Peppertype is a customized plan and hence the pricing is not disclosed.

This plan comes with unlimited content generation and some advanced features like an AI model custom-trained for you, brand voice add-on, custom widgets and Integration, human quality check, and more

Peppertype AI Alternatives

It's always a good idea to consider several products before committing to one. That's the reason you should also check out alternatives to Peppertype AI.

Since the PAS template of Peppertype did a decent job, I'll be comparing it to other Peppertype alternatives.

For ease of comparison, below is the output of the first PAS Copywriting test that I carried on Peppertype.

Peppertype PAS Copywriting Output 1

I will be using the same input to all the tools and see how they fare against Peppertype

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is by far the most mature of all AI content writing tools. Even though I have Lifetime Deals of Peppertype AI, Rytr as well as WordHero, I still pay for Jasper AI for its quality.

Let us check how it fares against Peppertype AI. First, we will use the PAS template of Jasper AI

You can find the input and output below in the same image

Jasper AI PAS Template

As you can see Jasper AI was spot on with both the outputs. No complaints whatsoever. I'd go ahead and say that the copy generated was much better than some human copywriters.

Even the best output of Peppertype wasn't even close to any of the outputs of Jasper AI.

As you probably know, you can also use the Jasper Boss Mode commands to create short-form content. Usually, the output from the Boss Mode is more controlled as you can exactly guide the AI to write the content as you want.

So, let's see how the Boss Mode of Jasper AI fares against Peppertype.

In the image below the sentence that starts with (>) indicates a Jasper command. Above it you can find the input to the tool and below is the output generated by the tool.

Jasper AI Boss Mode

As you can see, the quality of output is again at par with the Jasper PAS content template. However, the output is now more refined targeting professional chefs.

Overall, Jasper AI is way ahead of Peppertype in terms of quality of output.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI offers two different plans. The startup plan starts at $29/month comes with 20,000 words free. However, it lacks the Boss Mode long-form content editor.

The Boss Mode plan, that includes the long-form content editor unleashes the real potential of Jasper AI. This plan starts at $59/month with 50,000 words included in the pricing. 

You can add more words to both the plans by upgrading to a higher tier plan.

2. WordHero

WordHero is another decent alternative to Peppertype AI. It is more affordable than Jasper AI but the quality of output is not as good.

Let's see how it fares against Peppertype in the PAS Copywriting test

The input and output for WordHero can be found in the image below

WordHero PAS

As you can see, even though the quality of copy generated by WordHero was decent, it looked too short for me. So, it may be good or bad depending on your requirements

But overall, I'd say Peppertype did a slightly better job than WordHero here.

WordHero Pricing

WordHero offers a single plan that comes with unlimited content generation. There is, however, a fair usage policy to avoid misuse of the tool.

The only plan is priced at $29/month when paid annually and $49/month when you pay monthly.

However, as of now, WordHero is offering a Lifetime Deal where you can get unlimited access to all short form content templates for just $89/month. AppSumo customers can pay an additional $59 to WordHero for unlocking access to the long-form editor.

Since this tool is quickly growing, I consider it to be one of the most unmissable deal.

3. Rytr

Rytr is the third and final AI content writing tool that I have in my arsenal. It is again more affordable than Jasper, but as per my previous experience, its quality of output is somewhere between Jasper and WordHero.

Let's see how it performs against Peppertype in the PAS Copywriting test

The input and output for Rytr can be found in the image below

Rytr PAS

As you can see, the first output was quite detailed, but it struggled with the agitation part which looked more like a solution.

Also, the second output was firstly incomplete. Secondly, the framing of sentences wasn't effective. It's as if a salesperson goes on listing the benefits orally to the customer.

Overall, I'd say Rytr was either better or at par with Peppertype AI.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr offers three different plans. It's free plan comes with 5000 free characters per month and gives you access to all the content templates.

The saver plan priced at $9/month restricts the content generated to 50,000 characters. This plan also allows you to create custom content templates.

The unlimited plan is priced at $29/month and as the name suggests comes with unlimited content generation with a fair usage policy in place to avoid misuse. This plan also includes dedicated account manager and premium support.

4. is one of the most popular AI Writing tools in the market. In my previous tests of, it did an excellent job.

Let's see how does it perform this time with the below input PAS Input

Here's the output from the tool PAS Output

As you can see, the copy created was quite detailed and well-crafted. I'd say the quality of output is at par with Jasper AI or maybe even better.

So, comparing it to Peppertype, just blew Peppertype away with it's incredible quality of output Pricing offers two different plans. The free plan comes with 10 credits/month with 40 bonus credits for the first month. It includes all the 90+ content templates.

The the other plan, Pro Plan, comes with unlimited credits and is priced at $35/month when you pay annually and $49/month when you pay monthly. This plan also includes priority support and access to's newest features.

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Final Verdict Of Peppertype Review

Peppertype is a decent tool that has some templates that create great outputs. However, some other templates struggle big time to create even a decent output.

So quality-wise, Peppertype is a mixed bag. And when you consider its price point, for me, it's not value for money.

Jasper AI's Startup Plan is available at a cheaper price than the Peppertype Starter plan, although with a much lesser word count.

However, unlike Peppertype you can also control the number of outputs. Also, Jasper's output is mostly great requiring fewer regenerations

In fact, Jasper refunds your credit used if the output was not good and you click the thumbs down button. So overall, with Jasper, the credits last much longer than Peppertype.

So, if you are looking for a good solid AI Writer, I'd recommend Jasper AI over Peppertype AI. And if you have the budget, I'll recommend the Boss Mode Plan of Jasper AI over the Startup Plan 

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