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October 24, 2022

Looking out for an honest Jasper AI Review? You're in the right place!

In this blog post, we'll be taking an in-depth look at Jasper AI and its features and give our honest opinion on whether or not Jasper AI is worth your time and money.

But before we move ahead, let me tell, you this isn't a random Jasper AI review. I have been personally using Jasper AI for several months now. In fact, I am an officially certified Jasper AI content creator.

Jasper AI Review Summary

Japser AI Ratings

Output Quality

The output quality of Jasper AI is by far the best in the industry. The Jasper AI Boss Mode commands work great.

Content Templates

Jasper AI Provides over 50 content templates. So you are likely to find one for your use case


Jasper AI isn't among the cheapest. However, it's Boss Mode plan is worth every penny spent.

Overall Rating

Review Summary

Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI content writing tools. And it's famous for a reason; it can create crisp and refreshing content for you in minutes.

I am in love with Jasper AI's Boss Mode. The Jasper commands in the boss mode work great. You can use Jasper Commands to instruct the AI to write almost any type of content and fine-tune it as per your liking.

However, its short-form content templates are sort of a hit and a miss. Usually they work great, but some of the templates give out mediocre output.

On the brighter side, the Boss Mode is able to create great short-form content too. So, if at all you go for Jasper AI go with their Boss Mode Plan only.

 Pros Of Jasper AI

  • Quality Of Output: The quality of Jasper AI is by far the best when you compare it to other AI content writers
  • Content Templates: Jasper AI comes with 50+ ready-made content templates available that cover most use cases
  • Original Content: Jasper AI writers original and plagiarism-free content. And just in case you still doubt, you can use the Plagiarism checker add-on powered by Copyscape to check your content for any plagiarism.
  • Maintain Topical Relevancy: The Boss Mode of Jasper AI can look back at up to 3000 characters which ensures that Jasper AI does not write out of context.
  • Jasper Commands: Jasper commands work great if you want to fine-tune the output as per your liking.
  • Great Jasper Bootcamp: Jasper AI's boss mode does have a slight learning curve due to the number of available features. However, their Bootcamp training ensures you can start using Jasper like a pro in no time.
  • Active Facebook Community: Jasper does have a good customer support team. However, if you need to learn how to unleash the maximum potential of Jasper AI, you can join their Facebook community which is pretty active.

Cons Of Jasper AI

  • Pricing: The starting price of $29/mo for the starter plan is a bit on the higher side especially when you compare it with other AI writers that offer more features at a lower price point. Although, if you are going with their Boss Mode plan, it's worth every penny
  • Content Templates: While most of the content templates are good, some of them do struggle to create quality content.
  • Factually Incorrect Content: As per Jasper's official words, they do sometimes use placeholder content. So, you must verify the authenticity of content generate using Jasper AI

Jasper AI Review 2022

Before we get started with the review, I'd like to tell you why our review is better than the rest.

Why Trust This Jasper AI Review?

As I said earlier, I have been personally using Jasper AI for my content needs for the past several months and I am a Jasper AI certified content creator. This essentially means I know Jasper AI better than other reviewers. You can check the certificate below.

Jasper AI Certificate

However, being certified by Jasper AI does not mean I have an obligation to write only a positive review of Jasper AI. In fact, this Jasper Review is one of the most honest reviews you can find.

Since I know Jasper AI so well, I will make sure to highlight its drawbacks wherever applicable.

So, let us start this Review of Jasper AI by knowing a bit more about Jasper AI and how it works.

What is Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a GPT-3 based AI writer that can help you generate high-quality content for you.

It uses a natural language processing algorithm to understand the context of your topic and then writes content accordingly.

You can use Jasper AI to generate almost any kind of content from product descriptions and social media posts to long-form blog posts.

Think of a type of content and you are most likely to be able to generate it using Jasper AI

How To Use Jasper AI?

To start using Jasper AI, you first need to signup with them and get one of their paid plans. However, Jasper AI is offering a free 5-day, 10,000 words trial to try out their product. You can grab the free trial by clicking on the below button.

During this trial, you can try and test their various features to ensure if it's the right fit for you. To start the free trial, you will have to share your billing details with Jasper. However, be rest assured you won't be charged during the trial period.

But here's a warning, you'll get so addicted to using Jasper AI that you won't even think of canceling their subscription.

For the unknowns, I have Lifetime deals of several AI tools, including WordHero, Peppertype AI, Rytr, and Writecream. So, I never thought I'd stick with Jasper AI. But here I am badly addicted to it and using it for months now.

Anyway, once you signup with Jasper AI and login into their Dashboard, you will see several options on the left-hand side as shown in the image below.

Jasper AI Dashboard

We will be discussing Templates, documents, and Recipes and how to use them.

1. Templates

To get you started, Jasper AI offers more than 50 ready-made templates for creating different types of content. You can check out these templates by clicking the templates option in the left-hand menu of your Jasper AI dashboard.

Jasper AI Templates

So, say you want to write a product description, then you can use the Product Description template of Jasper AI.

Once you click on the Product Description template, Jasper will ask you to provide some inputs to know more about your product.

For the product description template, you have the option to enter the name of the product, brief info about the product, input and output language as well as the number of outputs you wish to get as shown in the screenshot below.

Jasper AI Product Description Template

Clicking on Generate AI Content button will write the output on the right-hand side of the input as shown in the image above.

You can copy or favorite the output you like by hovering over the output and clicking on Copy and Favorite options respectively. Using the Content Templates is that simple.

Here's a video Tutorial on how you can use Jasper AI Templates.

2. Documents

Jasper also calls the document mode as Boss Mode and it is available only to users who have subscribed to the Boss Mode plan. While Jasper Content Templates are good, it's the Boss Mode that truly unlocks the potential of Jasper AI

The main use of Documents in Jasper AI is to write long-form content. However, it can also be used to generate short-form content which I will talk about later.

When you create a document, you are presented with two options,

  • Start From Scratch: This will open up a blank document.
  • Blog Post Workflow: When you select this option, you can briefly describe the topic and Jasper AI will help you to create a Title and introduction for your blog post so that you don't start with a blank page.

In any case, once you enter the editor, you will by default be in the Focus Mode and see several options on the left-hand side as shown in the image below. Since I am writing this article in Jasper AI editor, I am thought of taking screenshot from this article itself.

Jasper AI Boss Mode

If you used the Blog Post Workflow option, the options on the left will be pre-filled except the Tone of Voice. Of course, you can edit the same anytime.

You can switch to the Power Mode by clicking the Power Mode button in the top-middle part of your editor as shown in the image below.

Jasper AI Power Mode Switch

In the Power Mode, you will see and can use all the Jasper Content Templates that you can find on the left hand.

Jasper AI Power Mode

If you are integrating SurferSEO with Jasper AI, you can find the third option, SEO Mode. With this option enabled you can manage the on-page SEO of your website as you write your article.

However, since I am not using Surfer SEO and instead using WriterZen (Check out Writerzen Lifetime Deal), I cannot show you the option.

Writing With Jasper AI

To start writing using Jasper AI, you must place the cursor at the end of the text. You can then select the length of the output using the Output length option on the left-hand menu.

Next, you can either click the compose button or Press CMD+J on Mac or CTRL+J on Windows. The AI will then automatically write the content for you as shown in the GIF below.

Jasper AI Write More

Jasper AI also supports Jasper command which is nothing but an instruction to the editor in pain language. Once you write the command, you can place the cursor at the end of the command and press CMD+Enter on Mac and CTRL+Enter on Windows.

The AI will then automatically write content as per instructions in the command as shown below.

Jasper AI Commands

Sounds easy? Well, it's even easier than it seems.

The instructions you can give to Jasper AI through commands are only limited by your creativity. That's the reason, I generally use the Boss Mode for writing short-form content too.

In fact, the boss mode is so good that I barely use the content templates as I find the output from Boss Mode to be much better than the content templates. This is mainly because you can clearly instruct the AI just like you can instruct a human.

Working Of Jasper AI Documents
Working Of Jasper AI Commands

3. Recipes

Recipes are nothing but pre-written Jasper Commands for you to quickly write an article.

A typical recipe looks like the one in the image below.

Jasper AI Recipes

The (>) symbol indicates that it's a command. Text inside {} brackets is a placeholder text that you have to change depending on your article.

So creating a blog is as good as running several Jasper commands and it won't take you more than a few minutes to get a ready-made article.

However, I'd be honest here. I don't recommend writing articles using recipes. The article generated using recipes might be good as a filler article, but the quality won't be good enough to use as your money article.

In fact, I don't even recommend completely relying on AI for writing your articles. The quality won't be that good if you completely let AI decide what to write.

And this might even cause you trouble with your rankings as Google may be able to make out, at least in the future that the article is auto-generated.

The right way to use Jasper is to write your content yourself and use the AI when you are stuck or the output you want seems too obvious that the AI can write it.

Quality Of Jasper AI

Here's the part you might be waiting for as the quality of factor is the most important factor one considers while selecting an AI tool.

But, remember, the quality of output you get largely depends on the input you provide to the tool. So, it does take some fiddling with the tool before you can understand what kind of input will get you the best output.

First, let us compare the quality of output from some of the commonly used content templates.

Quality Of Jasper AI Content Templates

We'll check a few popular content templates for our text

1. PAS Framework

We will first test the Pain-Agitate-Solution framework which is popularly known as the PAS framework. It's one of the most popular copywriting frameworks.

You can see the input to the PAS framework and its output in the image below.

Jasper AI PAS Framework

As you can see, both the outputs from the PAS framework were great. I'd go ahead and say, it's better than an average human copywriter and I am sure you too will agree.

2. Blog Post Outline

Next, we will be testing the Blog Post Outline content template for its quality. Below are the inputs and outputs.

Jasper AI Blog Post Outline

The output from the tool was good. However, Jasper AI was supposed to suggest to me 10 On-Page SEO tips. But, the output contained only 6 points. I re-ran the command and still, the number was stuck at 6.

So, it seems the Blog Post Outline content template is not able to generate more than 6 headings. That's the reason I prefer the Boss Mode which can help you generate as many headings as possible.

3. Sentence Expander

At times you are in a situation where you have an idea in mind but don't know how to write elaborately about it. That's when the Sentence Expander template can come to your rescue.

Below are the input and outputs

Jasper AI Sentence Expander

As you can see, I just entered a three-word sentence and Jasper AI was able to write a 5 sentence output from it. More importantly, the output was right on the point.

So overall, this template works very well for me.

4. Facebook Headline

Facebook Headline is another template copywriters might be using frequently. Let's see if Jasper can help copywriters craft attention-grabbing headlines.

Jasper AI Facebook Headline

The output from Jasper AI was very average. I'd definitely not use the suggested headings in my Facebook Ad.

So, I thought of running the test again this time with an example headline as input.

Jasper AI Facebook Headline 2

As you can see, Jasper wasn't impressive again. Two of the headlines generated were exactly the same while the third is only slightly different.

In fact, the input example was a much better headline to use in Facebook copies.

5. Company Bio

Lastly, I decided to test the Company Bio template and see if it's any good.

Jasper AI Company Bio

As you can see the output from Jasper AI was again great this time. I especially liked the first output. With limited input at its disposal, Jasper AI used some placeholder data to give an idea of what we can use.

For me, this content template does sound good.

Coming to the conclusion, most of the Jasper AI templates work great. The Facebook Headline template failed to impress while the Blog Post Outline template was cut short with probably output length restriction.

But, as I said earlier, Jasper's true strength lies in its Boss Mode. So let us check out the performance of Jasper AI's Boss Mode.

Quality Of Jasper AI Boss Mode For Short-Form Content

Remember, I told you that Jasper AI Boss mode works great for short-form content too? So now let's check out the quality of each of the content templates that we used using Jasper commands.

1. PAS Copywriting

I'll pass on the same input to the Boss Mode of Jasper AI and see how the output changes.

In the image below, the sentence with the (<) sign represents the command I used. Above it is the input to the tool and below it is the output.

Jasper Boss Mode PAS Framework

As you can see, unlike in the case of the content template, I was also able to define the audience for the content and instruct the AI to write a more detailed PAS.

This greatly influenced my output getting me a more-fine tuned output as per my need.

2. Blog Post Outline

Remember, even though the output for the Blog Post Outline content template was good, it was able to write only 6 headings.

Now, let's see how Jasper AI Boss Mode handles the same.

Jasper Boss Mode Blog Post Outline

As you can see, the Boss Mode created a much better output and generated all the 10 headings as the article demanded.

So again, Boss Mode wins here by a big margin.

3. Sentence Expander

The Sentence Expander Content Template worked great for me. But can the Boss Mode level up things?

Let us find out the same

Jasper Boss Mode Sentence Expander

As you can see, the output from the Boss Mode is as good as that from the content template, although with one big difference.

In the case of content templates, I had no control whatsoever what the AI will write. However, in the case of Boss Mode, I could instruct the AI to write the content exactly as I want.

I don't think I have to say who's the winner here.

4. Facebook Headline

Facebook headlines created with content templates were dud. Can the Boss Mode give out interesting headlines? Check it out yourself.

Jasper Boss Mode Facebook Ad Headline

As expected, Jasper AI was to level up its headline generation and came up with good, if not the best headlines for Facebook Ad. So, the drawback with the Content Template was covered up with Boss Mode.

Now you know why I recommend Boss Mode?

5. Company Bio

Jasper AI's content templates created great company Bios. However, they were too short for using on a company About Us page.

Therefore, I used the Boss Mode Command to specifically instruct Jasper AI to write a detailed Bio.

Jasper Boss Mode Company Bio

As you can see, the Bio was quite detailed and long, perfect for the About us page. With limited information at the disposal, Jasper AI does use some placeholder text which is great as it does give people an idea about what to include on their About Us page.

So again, Boss Mode steals the show.

Boss Mode has not just worked great for me for these few examples, but it did help me several times especially for creating content for my LinkedIn posts.

I hugely rely on Jasper AI for creating most of my LinkedIn posts.

Quality Of Jasper AI Boss Mode For Long-Form Content

As I mentioned earlier, I don't recommend completely relying on AI to write articles. But, since the boss mode of Jasper AI is primarily used to create long-form content, there was no way I could leave this.

So, just for the sake of example, I created an article with Jasper AI Boss Mode by only giving the topic name "Benefits of Keto Diet" as input.

Here's the part of the output that I was able to generate.

Jasper AI Boss Mode Output

As you can see, while the content quality of the article looks great, it just looks like text-heavy content without any proper headings or numberings to separate each of the benefits.

But, to be fair to Jasper AI, you can get a much better article with some input from your end. A few sentences from your end plus the use of Jasper commands to control the output can help you write a good article.

And when you compare Jasper's output for long-form content to its competitors, no one even comes close to Jasper's quality.

No matter if it's short-form content or a long-form blog post, Jasper's Boss Mode never disappoints.

So, some honest advice; if you are thinking of getting Jasper AI, make sure to go with their Boss Mode plan as it works the best.

Pricing Of Jasper AI

Jasper AI offers two plans

1. Starter Plan:

The starter plan of Jasper AI includes only the short-form content templates. It does not include Boss Mode and hence no Jasper commands or recipes come with this plan.

The Starter plan starts at just $29/month and offers 20,000 words for free. However, if you need more words you can increase the number of words while sticking to the same plan.

I feel the plan is slightly highly-priced with what it can do. Its competitors like Rytr are as good when it comes to short-form content and start at just $9/month for 50,000 characters that should be approximately 10,000 words.

2. Boss Mode Plan:

As the name suggests, the Boss Mode plan comes with the Boss Mode apart from short-form content templates. This plan unleashes the true potential of Jasper AI with Jasper commands.

This plan starts at $59/month and comes with free 50,000 words. You can, of course, increase the word count by paying extra.

While this plan does sound expensive, it is worth every penny because of the access to the long-form editor and Jasper commands. Even though I haven't fully utilized my 50,000 words to date, I feel it's still worth the price I am paying.

Who Can Use Jasper AI?

According to me, Jasper AI is for everyone who wants to create content faster. Whether you are an individual blogger, an SMB, or a large enterprise, Jasper AI can help you speed up your content creation process.

Below are some of the use cases of Jasper AI that I could think of.

  • Jasper AI is great for bloggers who want to quickly write a blog post without spending too much time on the content creation process.
  • Social Media Marketers who want to quickly create social media posts for themselves or their business.
  • Agencies who want to quickly create content for their clients without spending too much time or money.
  • E-commerce companies who want to create attention-grabbing product descriptions for their products
  • Copywriters who want to create crisp and refreshing copies for website landing pages or Facebook ads.
  • Email Marketers who want to create email content quickly without spending too much time.

Jasper AI Alternatives

If you are looking for a quality AI content writer, I don't see a reason why you should look beyond Jasper AI.

But there might be a case wherein you just want to use short-form content in which case some other cheaper tools perform equally well. Or you just don't have the budget to afford Jasper AI.

In either case, below are some of the alternatives to Jasper AI

1. Rytr

Rytr tops my list of best Jasper AI alternatives because of its quality of short-form content templates. I won't be wrong if I say when it comes to short-form content, Rytr sometimes outclasses Jasper AI which as I said earlier sometimes struggles with its short-form content templates.

Although Rytr generates great short-form content, the quality of its long-form content is not that great. Jasper beats Rytr in that department by a big margin.

Coming to its pricing, Jasper AI is quite affordably priced. In fact, it has a free tier that allows you to generate up to 5,000 characters.

Coming to the paid plans, they too are affordably priced at $9/mo for 50,000 characters and $29/month for unlimited characters.

2. Wordhero

Wordhero is another capable alternative to Jasper AI. When it comes to long-form content, Wordhero although still far behind, is the next best to Jasper AI.

It is also capable of generating good short-form content. Although, I sometimes feel that the short-form content templates of Wordhero usually generate too short copies.

Coming to the pricing, Wordhero has a single plan that offers unlimited words at $29/month when you pay annually and $49/month when you chose to pay monthly

However, as of now, Wordhero is offering a lifetime deal wherein you get access to unlimited words for a lifetime at just $89/month. And this deal is backed by AppSumo's hassle-free 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, this deal does not include access to a long-form editor. However, once you get this deal, you can pay $59 extra to Wordhero to get access to the long-form editor. I currently have access to Wordhero's lifetime deal with the long-form editor.

Checkout my WordHero Review for more information

3. Peppertype AI

Peppertype AI is owned by the same company that owns the famous content writing marketplace Pepper Content.

It's another capable tool when it comes to short-form content generation. However, Peppertype AI lacks a proper long-form editor.

For long-form content creation, all it offers is a notepad-styled editor wherein you can copy-paste content from short it's short-form content templates.

Given what it offers, Peppertype is quite highly-priced with its basic plan, the starter plan, starting at $25/month for 50,000 words per user seat. Since the charges are per user seat, you cannot share the available words with other users which is possible with Jasper AI.

The growth plan of Peppertype AI starts at a whopping $165/month and comes with 5 user seats which means a total of 250K words. It also offers collaborative features and the ability to download results.

The enterprise version of Peppertype AI is a customized plan meant for large enterprises and comes with some advanced features like the AI-trained model customized for the business.

Final Words About Jasper AI Review

Jasper AI is by far the best AI content writing tool. It's great both for short-form content creation as well as for creating long-form blog posts.

It offers over 50+ content templates for various use cases. However, some of these content templates fail to generate good content.

However, the Boss Mode of Jasper AI not only creates great long-form content, it also covers up the shortcomings of its short-form content templates by creating great short-form copies with Jasper commands.

Though Jasper AI is one of the most expensive tools in the market, for the value it generates, it's worth every penny spent.

Jasper AI Review 2022: Check Out 7 Pros And 3 Cons
Jasper AI Review

Looking for an honest Jasper AI Review for 2022? Check out this post for my unbiased review of Jasper AI.

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