BY Aquif Shaikh
May 15, 2022

There are many Product Description generators out there on the internet, but which one is the best for your business?

Which one will help you create product descriptions that are not only accurate and informative but also interesting and eye-catching?

Let's find out the same in this blog on the best product description generators in 2022.

6 Best Production Description Generators In 2022

Below are the best product description generators in the order that I'd prefer them for my writing needs with a special focus on product description generation capabilities.

Product Name

Number Of Product Description Templates

Product Description Quality

Link To The Website

Jasper AI

3 (Including Boss Mode)








Peppertype AI







Best Product Description Generators 2022 Summary (TL,DR)

In this article, I performed tests on product description templates available with various tools including Jasper AI, Rytr, WordHero, Writecream, Peppertype AI and

After thoroughly testing them I can say that while most of these tools were good, Jasper AI and Rytr deserve special mention. I'd like to call it a tie between these tools.

But if you are looking for one tool for your multiple writing requirements, I'd recommend Jasper AI as it's a more complete tool with a great long-form editor. I personally use it for writing my own articles even though I have access to lifetime deals of Rytr, Wordhero, Writecream as well as Peppertype AI

However, if you don't have the budget, you can either go with Rytr as it comes with a free tier and is even otherwise affordably priced.

Alternately you can choose Wordhero which is a good tool too and is currently offering a lifetime deal for unlimited words at $89

Important Note: I highly encourage you to test out the tools yourselves as the output can great vary between different runs.

Best Product Description Generators in 2022

Below is the list of best product description generators that I have personally tested thus far. I will be testing out the quality of output for each of them for you to be a better judge.

I will try to use the same description for all of the AI writers. As for additional options, will try to optimize them to get the best results

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is by far the best Product Description Generator in the market. And this tool isn't just the best for product description, it is overall the best AI content writer that I have tested thus far.

I've been using Jasper AI for a long now and it has now become my default editor for writing all my posts even if I am writing it all by myself. In fact, this very post has been written in the Jasper AI editor.

Jasper has three options to generate Product Descriptions, let us check out each one of them with their outputs

a. Product Description Template

For creating Best Product Descriptions, apart from the product name and product description, Jasper AI also asks you to enter the Tone of Voice

You also have the option to select input and output language apart from the number of copies you want to generate.

Below screenshots show the input as well as output to the Jasper AI tool.

Input from Jasper AI:

Jasper AI Product Description Input

Output From Jasper AI:

Jasper AI Product Description Output

As you can see, the output from Jasper AI is excellent. Since I used the Persuasive tone, the AI writer wrote a copy that is convincing the customer to make a purchase. Pretty smart, I must say.

b. Amazon Product Description Template


I used the same input as in the case of the Product Descriptions Template. However, this time I chose to get only 2 outputs.


Jasper AI Amazon Product Description Output

As you can see the first output was great but for some reason, it was in the bullet form. Whereas the tool I used was supposed to generate paragraphs.

As for the second output it was just a one-liner. I have used this tool earlier and it worked perfectly fine then. Not sure what went wrong.

But to keep this review honest, I had to make sure to share the messed-up output while making sure to point out my earlier experience with the tool.

I tried playing more with the outputs and sometimes it generated paragraphs, while other times it created bullet points and the one-liners as in our case.

So, something was really messed up with this tool.

c. Boss Mode

Boss mode works differently from the content templates you see with most tool. Here, you directly write commands to instruct the Jasper AI tool to perform a certain action.

In the screenshot below, the (>) mark is used to indicate the command that I used. Above the line is the input for the tool and below is the output of the command.

Jasper AI Boss Mode Product Descriptions

As you can see, this time again Jasper AI fared well and generated a great output exactly as I wanted.

Pros Of Jasper AI

  • The user interface is very simple and easy to use
  • There are three options to generate product descriptions
  • You can optimize the output as per your requirement with Tone of Voice input feature
  • You can select different input and output language

Cons Of Jasper AI

  • The Amazon Product Description Generator didn't work as expected
  • A bit more pricey than most other tools on this list

Pricing Of Jasper AI

Jasper AI has a subscription-based pricing model. Their base plan starts at $29/month and it does not include the Long-form editor or as they call it, Boss Mode.

The Boss Mode plan which unveils the true potential of Jasper is priced at $59/month. And I must admit, it is worth every penny both for creating short-form copywriting posts and long-form blog content.

Don't forget to check out my detailed Jasper AI Review 2022

2. WordHero

WordHero might not be as famous as Jasper AI, but it does its job really well. It is one of my favorite AI writing tools.

What makes WordHero special is its short-form templates which are almost as good as Jasper, although much cheaper. So, let us test WordHero and see how well it fares in our tests.

WordHero too has two options for generating product descriptions. Let us check out them.

a. Amazon Product Descriptions Template

As against Jasper, WordHero does not ask you to enter any detail except for the product description. This might sound easier, but the lack of Tone of Voice ensures you have lesser control over the output

The below screenshot shows the input as well as output of the tool.

Wordhero Amazon Product Descriptions

As you can see, WordHero generated the content in bullet form like Jasper AI. Some people might confuse it to be different outputs. However, a single copy button above shows that they are indeed part of a single generation.

When you combine the output into one, it's nearly as good as Jasper AI. The only thing that you might have to change is to remove the repeated use of the brand name.

b. Product Descriptions

Unlike the Amazon Product Descriptions template, the Product Description template also collects the name of the product as input.

The below screenshot shows the input as well as output to the tool

Wordhero Product Descriptions

As you can see, the Product Description template of WordHero generated great copies. Thought the length of the copy is slightly on the shorter side when compared to Jasper. This might as well be a good thing if you are looking for shorter copies.

However, overall, WordHero did a great job with both the templates. For a detailed review of WordHero check out my post on WordHero Review

Pros Of Wordhero

  • WordHero offers two different templates for generating product descriptions
  • The output is really good and close to human-generated copy
  • It is quite cheap and with the Lifetime Offer, it's a steal deal

Cons Of Wordhero

  • The content generated for Amazon Product Descriptions was in the bullets form and had to be merged together.
  • The long-form content editor of WordHero isn't as good as Jasper AI

WordHero Pricing

WordHero has a single plan that is priced at $29/month when you pay annually. The pricing shoots up to $49/month when paid monthly. Irrespective of the duration of payment, you get access to unlimited words.

Wordhero Lifetime Deal

Wordhero is currently running a lifetime deal of Appsumo that will give you access to unlimited words for the lifetime for just an $89 one-time fee. This is an absolute steal deal considering the benefits you get with WordHero

3. Rytr

Rytr is another popular AI Writer on this list of Best Product Descriptions generators. It is known for its short-form content generation capabilities.

Though Ryrt also has two product description templates, there is not much confusion here as one of them generates bullet points while the other one can be used to generate paragraphs.

Let us check both of them.

a. Product Description (Paragraph)

Rytr, like Jasper AI, allows you to select the tone of voice. It also has another important option called creativity. The higher the creativity you set, the less factual will be your output.

The below screenshot shows the input settings I used as well as the output I got from the tool.

Rytr Product Descriptions Pragraph

Since we used the Convincing tone option, the output generated was quite salesy. However, qualitywise, it was mindblowing and at par or even better than Jasper AI.

However, Jasper was more creative and added a lot of features that weren't mentioned in our input. I tried Rytr with creativity level set to "High", yet the output was similar.

So, which output you prefer is all about your personal choice as both Rytr and Jasper were excellent.

b. Product Description (Bullet Points)

With this template, the About Product option in the previous template is replaced by Product Features. However, since I wanted to give fair chance to all tools, I stuck to the same input.

The below screenshot shows the input as well as outputs.

Rytr Product Descriptions Bullet Points

The output from the tool was good, but not great. Maybe things would have been better had we provided more details of the product.

But overall Rytr too was an impressive option if you are looking for Best Product Description Generators.

Pros Of Rytr

  • Rytr offers two different templates for generating product descriptions
  • The output is great and at par or even better than Jasper AI
  • The creativity level option works great.
  • Rytr offers affordable plans as well as a free plan

Cons Of Rytr

  • At times, Rytr generated a single copy even though we selected 2 variants.
  • Rytr isn't a great option for writing long-form content.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr is one of the few AI writers that offer a free plan. Their free plan allows you to generate up to 5000 characters per month and gives you access to all the content templates.

The saver plan priced at $9/month allows you to generate up to 50,000 characters. You can also design your own recipe with this plan.

Finally, the Unlimited Plan, as the name suggests, allows you to create unlimited content. This plan of Rytr is priced at $29/month only.

4. Writecream

Writecream is an AI-powered content generation tool that is especially famous for some of its unique content templates that you cannot find elsewhere. Most of these templates work great as you can confirm in our Writecream Review

Coming to product descriptions, unlike other tools Writecream offers only single content template.

Like WordHero, at Writecream, you just have to add the product name and product description.

Below is the input that we provided to the tool.

Writecream Product Description Input

And here is the output

Writecream Product Description Output

The first output was quite redundant and wasn't impressive at all. As for the other outputs, the second and fourth outputs were too short for my liking. Though, the third one looked good.

Overall, Writecream's product description template wasn't as impressive as its other unique templates.

Pros Of Writecream

  • Writecream offers quite a few templates that are unique to it
  • It offers a free tier with decent limits

Cons Of Writecream

  • The product description template wasn't really impressive
  • The long-form content creator cannot be used along with human inputs

Writecream Pricing

There are three pricing plans offered by Writecream.

The free plan gives you access to all the content templates. However, it comes with 20 credits. Each generation uses one credit. So you can generate a total of 20 product descriptions.

The standard plan offers the same features but offers 200 credits and is priced at $49/month. The extended plan that is priced at $69/month offers 750 credits.

However, for a limited time, Writecream is offering unlimited credits for just $29/month. So you can use Writecream as much as you want with this plan.

Writecream Lifetime Deal

Writecream is currently running a lifetime deal on Appsumo. It gives you access to 200 credits each month for the lifetime at just $59. For more credits, you can buy up to 5 codes that will give you 1000 credits per month for the lifetime at a $295 one-time fee.

5. Peppertype AI

Peppertype AI is one of the newest tools on this list. It was launched towards the end of 2021 but has quickly gained popularity.

Talking about product descriptions, Peppertype provides a total of 3 product description generators for your use.

Let us check each one of them in detail.

a. Brand/Product Descriptions

The first on the Peppertype AI list is the Brand/Product description generator that can be used to generate descriptions for your brand as well as your product.

As an input to the tool, you can enter the brand or product name as well as the product description. There is no other option available to fine-tune your output as you can see in the Input screenshot below

Input To Peppertype AI:

Peppertype AI Product Description Input

Output From Peppertype AI:

Peppertype AI Product Description Output

As you can see, Peppertype was able to generate great product descriptions. The details included much more than what we provided, just like Jasper AI.

This shows that Peppertype is a very capable tool, one of the reasons it is so popular.

b. E-commerce Product Descriptions

This is one additional content template that isn't available with the other tools. This content template claims to generate descriptions for e-commerce products.

Like the Brand/Product Description generator, here too we can enter just the product name and product description. So, I am not sharing the additional screenshot.

Below is the output that I got from the tool.

Peppertype AI E-commerce Product Description Output

As you can see, the output looks weird. I got several one-line product descriptions, with some of them being repetitive.

And it's definitely not a single description like we got from WordHero as we see the copy option below each of the descriptions. I don't think this additional description generator is helpful at all.

c. Amazon Product Descriptions

This one is like the standard Amazon Product Description generators that we saw in several tools. And the great thing is, for this template Peppertype decided to include the Tone of Voice option that was lacking in the other templates

Below is the input that I provided to the tool

Peppertype AI Amazon Product Description Input

And here is the output that I got

Peppertype AI Amazon Product Description Output

As you can see Peppertype again did a great job in creating Amazon product descriptions. The great thing is that the descriptions are generated as third-party which is the right thing since third-party seller usually uploads the products.

Overall, barring the E-commerce product description generator, Peppertype AI did a great job. It is definitely in the race for the best product description generators.

Pros Of Peppertype AI

  • Can be used to generate descriptions for your brand as well as your product.
  • A total of three product description generators.
  • Quality of output was great for two out of three product description generators

Cons Of Peppertype AI

  • No additional options to fine-tune your output for two out of three templates
  • The E-commerce product description generator didn't work well for me.


Peppertype AI offers 3 different plans for all your content generation needs.

The basic plan, the Starter Plan priced at $25/month comes with 1 User Seat with 50,000 words per month per User Seat. This plan lacks the ability to collaborate and share results, download results as well as Access control. You can, however, add more user seats for an extra price.

The Growth Plan that is priced at $165/month comes with 5 user seats by default with each user seat capped at 50,000 words per month. You get access to all the features with this plan. Additional user seats are priced extra.

The Enterprise Plan of PepperType AI is a customized plan meant for large businesses. It comes with unlimited content generation and advanced features like Customized AI trained mode for your specific requirements, Brand voice Addon, Bulk Content Generation, human quality check, and more. The pricing for this price is not revealed.

6. is another popular tool on this list of best product description generators. The main reason for its popularity is its free tier which comes with lenient limits for the first month to enable people to try the tool well-enough.

At you can find only one product description generator. However, on the positive side, this template allows you to set the tone of voice.

Below is the input that we provided to the template

Copy AI Product Description Input

Here is the output from the tool

Copy AI Product Description Output

As you can see, came up with a few good outputs for our query. The tool seems to be very capable at least for generating product descriptions.

Apart from the usual input method, is beta-testing a Supercharge mode wherein you just have to enter the URL of the tool and it will automatically fetch the input for the tool from your website.

I had to change our example as Presto did not have any website. So, I entered the URL of Semrush and the tool fetched the below information as input.

Copy AI Product Description Supercharge Input Generated 1
Copy AI Product Description Supercharge Input Generated 2

I was impressed with the fetched information and it looked great. Next, I ran the tool to get the final output which is the product description.

Copy AI Product Description Supercharge Output

With so much information at its disposal, I was expecting an even better output from However, the output was just about average. Nothing really that excites me.

The tool might be in beta, but I don't think the mediocre output had anything to do with the Beta as the part that was in Beta, worked wonders with it. It failed with the regular part.

Pros Of

  • Free tier with lenient limits for first month
  • You can set the tone of voice
  • The Supercharge mode (beta) is very useful for getting the inputs
  • Output was great with normal version

Cons Of

  • Only one product description generator
  • Output was just about average when inputs from Supercharge mode were used.

Pricing: has a free tier that comes with 10 credits per month (100 credits for the first month). The free tier gives you access to all the tools and languages.

Coming to the paid version, their pro plan comes with unlimited credits priority support, and access to their premium community apart. The plan is priced at $35/month when paid annually and $49/month when paid monthly. also has an Enterprise plan that is a customized plan and comes with collaboration features.

My Verdict On Best Product Description Generators

After thoroughly testing all the tools, I feel most of these tools are good. However, Jasper AI and Rytr managed to grab my attention.

Both these tools came up with great outputs and are the best tools for product description generation. However, when you look at other aspect of the tool, you can easily choose either one of them.

Jasper is overall a great tool. And it not just impresses you with its short-form content templates, but its long-form content editor is great too. So, if you don't mind spending $$$ on a more complete tool, there's no reason why you shouldn't go with Jasper AI.

However, if you are looking for a tool with a free tier, Rytr should be a good option for you.

WordHero is another tool you can consider if you are on a tight budget as it currently comes with a lifetime deal on AppSumo.

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